"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation"
-Plato......come play with us and discover your self!

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Certification Course Descriptions

Pilates Certification

This course includes nearly 400 hours of comprehensive education with a process that is designed to work with your schedule.  

Divided over 8 weekends, our educational sequence builds upon itself and concludes with business building skills so that each participant is fully prepared to enter the highly competitive Pilates market.

Our therapeutic approach means approaching each client with a vision on transforming their wellness as well as managing any specific physical limitations. Any participant that completes our course will have been given the tools to formulate and safely design an exercise regime for all clients ranging from those with unique needs, to those who wish to be challenged at an elite athletic level.

Facilitated by renowned Master Trainer Cathleen Murakami, this certification process is designed for serious students interested in becoming teachers and veteran instructors who wish to deepen their understanding of utilizing Pilates for specific injury circumstances. The Murakami Method and approach will expand your understanding and appreciation of anatomy and biomechanics, Pilates theory, philosophy, history, and develop your energetic and intuitive skill building. Additionally, techniques in verbal and tactile hands on cueing, postural assessment, new client protocol, and tools for business and marketing will be presented.


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Course Requirements:

  • 8 Pilates SAS (stretch-align-strengthen) Workshops
  • 10 Labs 30 Hours
  • Self Practice 100 Hours
  • Observation 100 Hours
  • Active Client Teaching 32 Hours
  • Final Exam 3.5 Hours

SynergySystems® Pilates Mat Certification

The SynergySystems® Pilates Mat Certification Course offers the finest training available for individuals looking to become not only knowledgeable in the entire classic Pilates mat repertoire, but who wish to fully understand the true essence of this method.

Pilates mat exercises in their original form can be very challenging for the average client you will be instructing. Understanding how to introduce this fantastic body shaping technique to the typical introductory client safely as well as progressing them to more difficult variations is crucial.

This three-part program is designed to work with your schedule and at your own pace.

Level 1 mat gives you the tools to immediately begin instructing  beginner/intermediate Pilates mat classes. More than half of the original repertoire is covered, and in addition, over a dozen pre-Pilates fundamentals will be taught.

Dates TBD

Level 2 explores the advanced exercises, guides you through numerous variations of the entire repertoire, and also includes guidance to inspire other creative mat ideas.

Dates TBD

A weekend synopsis, comprehensive photo-illustrated manual and study DVD are included with each weekend to assist you with your apprenticeship.

SynergySystems® is unsurpassed in our methodology and approach in teaching candidates how to teach, having taught and certified hundreds of students for nearly twenty years! 

Our training courses consistently turn out the highest caliber instructors and we continually receives calls from OTHER studios and gyms looking for our graduates.

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